26 days till Christmas!!

Whooo hoo! So I have completed my Christmas shopping! Really?! I have to though, because this is my busiest time of year for work I'm too tired to jostle along with tons of people in a crowded shopping centre. If I go shopping at all in December it has to be when I don't need anything and can enjoy wandering among the lights and atmosphere!
So the decorations go up this weekend and the few Christmas cards will be written.
I say few because we have been struggling with deciding whether to send or not this year? I wonder how much longer the Christmas card will really last. Carefully chosen this year is a list of people and family we don't get chance to see much or have contact with on Facebook (Yep sorry Facebook friends but you will be getting a very Social 'Merry Christmas' this year!) With the price of stamps increasing, unfortunately money dictates, it quickly adds up. So a busy weekend ahead!

Shop news to mention is mainly my finishing dates. Personalised ceramics cut off for ordering is Friday 6th December, mainly because production of these includes waiting patiently for clay to dry and firing schedules. The wooden products however is Saturday14th December so a little longer for these. And of course for those of you last minute shoppers I do have items read to post as well, just take note of the Royal Mails last posting dates to avoid any disappointment!

Best wishes with all your Christmas decorating!! And may you not get too tangled in those lights :-)
I still have some odd Christmas decor items in the shop if you fancy something quirky on the mantle this year have a look below x



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