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Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot

This Alice in Wonderland Tea Pot commission is underway with the initial wet sculpture complete. I am happy to take on commissions for any of my sculptures or teapots that have already sold so just contact me for details.

More Toadstools...

Back in stock with more to come these friendly mushrooms and garden toadstools will brighten any planters and pots!

Dragons galore...

It's all about dragons this month in the studio and there are a fair few sculptures coming along shortly. Here are just a couple of these characters including a dragon teapot in progress!

Mouse Cuckoo Clock Finished Piece

All finally finished and working pendulum swing!

Cuckoo Clocks

Another new venture for 2019 is creating a range of decorative ceramic cuckoo style clocks, hopefully when finished this one will have a swinging mouse pendulum too!

Brand New Ranges for 2019 - Cushion, Coasters and Chopping Boards

Squirrelling away at the end of 2018 I have always planned on doing something with my watercolour and ink paintings in the area of hand printing products. The idea originated over a year ago but as always it takes time to invest in the equipment, learn the process and finally start printing and producing the finished articles. And I can now say I'm there! With a range of cushions, coasters and chopping, cutting boards, worktop savers I am starting 2019 proudly launching these new products. I have ranges from farmyard favourites to grumpy birds and sea creatures. Shop Here A few examples: