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New Sculpt for 2020 - Tortoise 'The Story Teller'

The Storyteller. I finished this old gentleman in the new year and have been waiting to post him. This tortoise is over 120 years old and needs a walking stick to lean on but he’s got lots of time and adventures to tell you.  He’ll be on the website first for the week:  and then I’ll list him on Etsy from Friday. He has the most detail and skin accents I’ve done in a sculpt so took a long time. But he was very patient and understanding during his creatio n and I got to hear lots of stories  😁 Hope to enjoy more detail work like this in the year ahead it was great fun.

Matchbox Mice

Matchbox mice are now live on the website.   under available sculptures. £23 each with free Uk Postage.  2 have already been reserved so get in quick!  💕 #mice   #sleepingmice   #matchbox #animalsculpture   #matchoxmouse #mouse Shop Now