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Pet Portrait

I was recently asked to do a portrait of my neighbours West Highland Terrier and here's the Ollie! I don't normally do pet portraits as I find it hard when I don't know their personality, but seeing Watson and him are best buds I know him very well and what a cutie he is! x

Hot hot hot...

It's far too hot to be kiln firing up to 1300 degrees but needs must! Really busy at the moment (not complaining!) Especially with my ceramics which is wonderful. I have loads more updated on the website including Billy Goats Gruff, Forty Winks and Lion & the Mouse sculptures pictured below. All inspired from children's stories and fairytales which I use to love as a child. I'm enjoying these and plan to do quite a few more in the coming months. especially after purchasing a 1979 hard copy of Aesop's Fables with some beautiful illustrations. Other works in progress are also under way for 'birdbath' and a new elephant vase, plus a cute dragon which I will keep updated for you in my next posts! Hope you're enjoying the weather!