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Ceramics are go...

So I've caught the ceramics bug and lately getting my hands stuck into a wet lump of clay is my favourite thing to do. That and being stuck on the boat from flooding (couldn't see any land), snow drifts and now heading back towards flooding again, it's been a sloppy jumpers and joggers couple of months with no end in sight. So clay has now inspired me to head my business in that direction at the moment. So quirky characters are becoming my thing and I have changed my website banner and logo to reflect this. Hope you like it! Melvin the Goblin has given me quirky inspiration and I didn't know it was in my head until he sculpted himself from a lump of stoneware clay when I was watching Labyrinth on the telly!   He has already been snapped up, but more are on the way of this variety, here's a sneaky peek of the next creature (unnamed as yet) sitting slowly drying ready to be fired asap :-)