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Introducing Stanley Snout...

Alongside Melvin & Derek, Stanley Snout has now been finished and added to the gaggle! Stanley is a member of the Snout Gaggle which are a group of creatures that live in smokey Cornish caves by the sea. All with large distinguished nostrils their sense of smell helps them to find their favourite treat ice cream which is foraged for amongst beach huts and stolen from ice cream parlours! In turn their favourite flavour determines their colourful skin, Stanley's favourite ice cream flavour is Banana Split. He's now available from Blue Fish Studios!  

Octopus Doorstop

Made myself a doorstop! On the boat our doors are sliding doors and often if we are listing the bathroom door slides open and closed (not always helpful!) So here's my answer..a cute little octopus who's tentacles are holding open the door. He's a great talking point for visitors! And yes the suckers were a bloody nightmare!

Integration time!

Ok so welcome to the new look blog!  As I now have two websites up and running: My shop - Blue Fish Studios and my Ceramics Art - Lucy Kite Ceramics , I have decided to integrate the two into one blog, so this will incorporate the behind the scenes ceramics, new projects and gift ideas. Hopefully it will be full, detailed and keep you more informed with everything in the same place!