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Grump Candle Tea Light Holders

Shop Now New tea light holder designs in wee willie winkie style. They are hand sculpted and made for a small tea light that sits in the top to make the candles look like they are lit without ever running down! Ronnie and Reggie are little bit grumpy but they will provide a lovely glow to shelf or table!

New Sculpt for 2020 - Tortoise 'The Story Teller'

The Storyteller. I finished this old gentleman in the new year and have been waiting to post him. This tortoise is over 120 years old and needs a walking stick to lean on but he’s got lots of time and adventures to tell you.  He’ll be on the website first for the week:  and then I’ll list him on Etsy from Friday. He has the most detail and skin accents I’ve done in a sculpt so took a long time. But he was very patient and understanding during his creatio n and I got to hear lots of stories  😁 Hope to enjoy more detail work like this in the year ahead it was great fun.

Matchbox Mice

Matchbox mice are now live on the website.   under available sculptures. £23 each with free Uk Postage.  2 have already been reserved so get in quick!  💕 #mice   #sleepingmice   #matchbox #animalsculpture   #matchoxmouse #mouse Shop Now