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Still Here!

Phew, it's been hectic the last few months and not just with the business! We've had leaky water pumps and all sorts to deal with on the boat, not to mention the car flashing engine lights at us. Still, all should be done now, fingers crossed! Ok, so my kiln for ceramics is now fully functional and I've been locked in my studio covered in clay for quite some time to bring out new designs and heading in new directions. I've now found my favourite clay to work with after many hands in different textures and the winner is Scarva Stoneware. It gives a lovely earthy buff finish to my work which for some features works great on it's own without the need for glazing or acrylics. In fact I've enjoyed it so much that I'm struggling to use up the last of my grey clay which is not such a great texture to work with. But, needs must and none shall be wasted! Ceramics signs are a new product for me and have proved very popular at the local craft fairs. Plus func